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At Francis D. McIntyre, PC, we bring a unique combination of skills and experience to the business law clients we serve in the Newark area and throughout northeastern New Jersey from our office in Westfield, New Jersey.

Firm partner, Frank D. McIntyre has been a business owner in Union County and understands the legal concerns of business owners from firsthand experience.

  • Business Litigation
  • Business Incorporation/LLC Formation
  • Contracts & Contract Litigation
  • Business Acquisitions & Sales
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Employment Law
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Business Dissolution
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New Jersey Lawyers Specializing in Business Law

There’s a reason our Francis D. McIntyre has become a trusted firm for clients seeking top New Jersey business lawyers. Because of their experience in commercial concerns, our attorneys have developed valuable insight into the needs of today’s businesses and consistently strive to produce timely and effective results for our clients.

Nearly as important as these results, however, is the fact that, at our firm, you can be assured that every aspect of your legal issue will be handled directly by an experienced attorney—not a paralegal or an associate. You will find that you can actually talk to us personally or expect a prompt reply if any questions or concerns arise.

What is Business Law?

A term covering a broad range of legal activities and oversight that essentially govern the legal aspects of how companies form and operate a business. Business law encompasses local, state, federal and even international laws regulating how to form, purchase, operate or sell a business. This includes the formation of legal contracts, development of hiring & personnel management practices, and adherence to manufacturing & environmental regulations.

What is a Business Lawyer?

Essentially an attorney who dedicates a significant portion of their activities to legal issues and practices that pertain to business. This includes tax law, the legal nuances of business transactions, securing intellectual property, contract drafting and negotiating and many other activities governing the creation & operation of businesses in the US and abroad.

When Does My Business Need to Hire a Lawyer?

Many business owners are comfortable navigating a majority of the everyday business issues that arise. However, there are times when it pays to engage a professional lawyer, such as…

  • Negotiating the acquisition of another business, or the sale of your own
  • Navigating the legalities of environmental issues
  • Managing a discrimination case involving an employee (current or former)
  • Defending your business in an investigation by local, state or federal agencies
  • Filing for a Patent on a good or service

Some issues are simply too time-consuming or complicated by nuanced legal pitfalls. It’s critical to a businesses success for the business owner to understand their strengths, and look for professional legal advice when necessary.

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Business Related Law Practices

Contract Law

Essentially contract law is a branch of civil law dealing with the creation and enforcement of legally enforceable oral and written agreements between two or more parties. This includes interpretation of contractual obligations, exploration of the limitation of actions, as well as privity & termination of contracts.

Employment Law

The branch of civil law often referred to as Employment Law is actually a pretty broad area of practice encompassing a wide variety of legal concerns pertaining to the rights & duties of employers & employees. These concerns can include hiring and managing employees of a business, harassment, workplace safety and much more.

Corporate Law

The practice of corporate law encompasses commercial, corporate and securities practice area. Corporations are subject to numerous regulations, which can lead corporations & commercial businesses to face unique legal issues. Commercial & corporate lawyers counsel clients in corporate, domestic & international business matters to ensure that the corporation remains compliant with all state and federal regulations.

Our corporate law specialists can assist you in areas of contract law; formation of corporations, partnerships or limited liability companies; corporate tax law; commercial finance; nonprofit corporations and more.

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Critical Business Terms & Phrases Defined


A corporation is a form of business that is a separate legal entity from its owners, enjoying most of the responsibilities & rights if an individual, that is owned by stockholders(shareholders) and guided by a board of directors.

S Corporation

An S corporation is a ‘closely held corporation’ (sometimes a limited partnership or even limited liability company) that meets specific Internal Revenue Code requirements, giving a business with fewer than 100 shareholders the benefits of incorporation while being taxed as a partnership or LLC.

Board of Directors (BOD)

A board of directors is a governing body of representatives elected by corporation shareholders to jointly oversee & govern major company policies.

Small Business

A small business is an independently owned company whose size is limited in relation to its industry. Generally, companies with fewer than $7 million in annual sales and less than 500 employees are considered to be a small business. However, in some industries businesses earning over $35 million a year and employing 1500 could still be defined as a small business.

Westfield, New Jersey Business Law Firm

Our law offices are located in downtown Westfield, New Jersey within a short walk from the Westfield train station. We provide business law services to clients in and around Newark, Northern New Jersey, specializing in Union County, including Garwood, Cranford, Kenilworth, Fanwood, Plainfield, Winfield, Rahway, Linden, Elizabeth, Summit, New Providence, and Berkeley Heights. We offer payment plans and flexible appointment hours for your convenience. Our experienced Westfield New Jersey business law firm proudly serves local and national engagements.

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